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Courses for US credits

Courses for US credits

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ONE WEEK: €590 instead of €690 
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- Basic italian course (20 hrs in group, Monday to Friday)
- Enrollment fee
- Accommodation in our dorm 

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Start any Monday, 20 hours per week, Monday to Friday.
Timetable: 9:00- 10:40 Grammar; 11:00 - 12:40 Conversation


One teacher – one student
Tailored to fit student’s specific needs. Lessons are adapted according to individual needs and area of interests
Sorrento is waiting for you!

Sorrento is waiting for you!

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Language for Business

Sant'Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue can provide business language courses for any company staff, either in-company or off the premises, and in any of the five languages taught by the institute. The courses are taught by teachers specialized in company training and who have a specific, certified background in the sector.

We offer intensive courses (with a frequency of at least 2-3 meetings a week), and individual or (small) group lessons, depending on the requirements of the company involved. We can ensure extremely high standards, thanks to our use of methods recognized on an international level and to specially prepared didactic material. The program will be drawn up according to the results of the assessment tests carried out, and with a view to the level to be reached. The program can also be customized to include the lexicon and terminology most appropriate to the sector in which the company operates. We range from a basic level, at which the students will be able to:
* ask for and obtain simple information
* make telephone calls
* write e-mails in English
to an advanced level which will allow them to:
* take part successfully in multicultural meetings
* deal with unexpected telephone calls
* negotiate
* make public presentations
Use will be made of:
* written and recorded texts
* different language registers
* business conversations
* interviews and famous speeches

For further information, contact
Sorrento Lingue S.r.l.
Registered office: Via Marina Grande, 16 - 80067 - Sorrento (NA) Italy
Headquarters: Via Marina Grande, 16 - 80067 - Sorrento (NA) Italy
Paid in capital: € 50.000,00 I.V. REA: TO-908649
P.IVA 07631160012
Phone: +39 081.807.55.99 | +39 081.878.44.70
Fax: +39 081.532.41.40
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