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Courses for US credits

Courses for US credits

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If you attend now an Italian course we offer you a special discount!
- 1 week 20 hrs group course
- + enrollment fee
- + 1 week accommodation in our dorm, sea-view rooms feature a window; some garden-view rooms feature a balcony
Price: €590         

(1 week: € 590 instead 690€)
(2 weeks: € 1100 instead 1380€)
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For enrollment, information and details, please contact Olga Stinga at


BASIC Group Courses

BASIC Group Courses

Consist of 20 group lesson hours per week (grammar+conversation).
There is a maximum 12 students


One teacher - one student. Tailored to fit student's specific needs.
Lessons are adapted according to individual needs.

Combined Courses

Starting Dates for combination classes
11th January
25th January
15th February
21st March
18th April
9th May
6th June
11th July
8th August
12th September
26th September
10th October
7th November

  Sant'Anna Institute offers singing lessons for both beginners and professionals. Our courses for professionals range from singing techniques and performance of opera and traditional Neapolitan songs, to breathing techniques and voice modulation. Our beginners’ courses, on the other hand, allow new talents to emerge and develop singing and breathing techniques through Italian and Neapolitan music.

1 WEEK : 1376.00 €  ·  20 Italian lessons ·  3 afternoon voicetraining course ·  2 excursions ·  Accommodation in host family
2 week: € 2668 

CERAMICS COURSE You will learn about the processing, decoration and clay-baking techniques of traditional
Italian craftsmen in a typical Sorrento ceramics laboratory. Upon request, Sorrento Lingue organizes excursions to Vietri, one of the most well-known and nchant ing towns on the Amalfi Coast, famous all over the world for its ceramics. inimum length: 3 lessons a week

1 WEEK : 992.00 €    20 Italian lessons ·  3 afternoon ceramic course ·  2 excursions ·  Accommodation in host
2 week: € 1841

ITALIAN COOKERY COURSE You will learn to prepare old-fashioned traditional Italian recipes and regional
dishes that are typical of Campania and Sorrento. Our chefs will take you on an all-Italian gastronomic tour, revealing the secrets of mediterranean cuisine (e.g. hand-made pasta, gnocchi, fish-based dishes).
Every lesson revolves around a full meal including ‘starter’, ‘first course, ‘second course’ and ‘dessert’.

1 WEEK : 942.00 € ·  20 Italian lessons ·  3 afternoon cooking course ·  2 excursions ·  Accommodation in host family
2 week: € 1633

DIVING Explore Sorrento and the beautiful Amalfi Coast from another viewpoint: from under the sea, as you visit an underwater world made up of little caves in the rocks, caverns and seawalls.

1 WEEK : 1167.00 € ·  20 Italian lessons ·  3 afternoon diving course ·  2 excursions ·  Accommodation in host family
2 week: € 2061

Italian and Diving: 9h May, 13th June, 11h July, 8th August, 12th September 2016.

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