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Sorrento Lingue
  • 04/05/2015
    Dante & Sorrento
    CELEBRANDO I 750 ANNI DALLA NASCITA In occasione, dei 750 anni dalla nascita del sommo poeta Dante ... >>
  • 18/03/2015
    EXPO 2015- ITALIAN WEEK BY WEEK- MILAN, ROME & SORRENTO! Starting date: Every MondayLength: 2 weeks ... >>
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Application  Procedure


1.      Please email at serena@sorrentolingue.com with your intent to apply including your full name, university, major and which academic term you are applying for. If you are interested in an internship, please request this separate application form.

2.      We will then send you the application form which you must complete along with the following:

a.       Transcript with cumulative GPA of 2.5 (unofficial transcript acceptable)

b.      One page personal statement describing personal and academic reasons for studying at SASL

c.       For semester applicants only: One letter of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor

3.      Student visas are required for semester programs. SASL will assist in this process after the student is accepted.

SASL offers significant merit-based scholarship opportunities to students during any academic term.

Please send all application materials to Serena Vacca at serena@sorrentolingue.com or by fax at +39 081.532.41.40


Application Deadlines:

Summer 2013 April 4th

Fall 2013: June 20th

Spring 2013: November 1st

Tuition and fees

If the deadline for your term of interest has passed, please contact serena@sorrentolingue.com immediately with your information.